More Holiday Strategy Tips

There are so many tips and strategies out there for how to tackle the holiday season. It’s important not to let yourself get too bogged down in all the different opinions and methods out there–but if you’re finding yourself sinking into a stressed out funk, here are a couple more guideposts that might be worth looking at:

  1. Check out Tabata Times’s “Holiday Survival Guide: Part 2”. It features a bunch of stuff from CrossFit Kindred’s own Holiday Resource Guide, as well as some additional tips on making it through holiday parties (like ours coming up Friday December 21!) in one piece.
  2. Whole9 has a nice “Holiday Simplicity Guide” up. The basic premise–keep what works and is meaningful to you, and don’t take on the rest. And above all: keep it simple.
  3. Just take a moment kick back and relax with a hot cup of Primal Hot Cocoa or Egg-less Nog (courtesy of Mark’s Daily Apple). Yum!!

2013 promises to be an exciting year at Kindred–we’re looking forward to hosting seminars, participating in the CrossFit Games 2013 Open (registration begins Jan 30, and the Open starts in early March), more throwdowns, and Paleo/PR challenges.

…But that’s all next year, and the time for those things is later. Our basic advice: use these last few weeks of 2012 to pause, appreciate, and savor. Come into the box and take a look around at the people you keep company with, or do the same at home and at work.

We wish you much joy this season!

Today’s WOD:

15 minutes to establish a 2RM Snatch Balance.


4 rounds for total working time of:

Run 400m
20 Pullups

Rest 1:1 between each round.

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