The Why and How of the L-Sit

First, some announcements:

Our holiday party is ON! Join us tomorrow night, Friday December 21st  at 7:30pm at Sonoma Chicken Coop.

We will NOT be having a 6:30pm class tomorrow–so be sure to get your WOD in today or tomorrow morning! We WILL be having class as usual on Saturday morning.

Our holiday schedule for the next 2 weeks is as follows (also viewable on our Zen Planner class schedule):

December 24-25: CLOSED

December 26-28: OPEN GYM 1:30-3:30pm & 6:30-8:30pm

December 29: OPEN GYM 10:30am-12:30pm

December 31-January 1: CLOSED

 January 2: Regular schedule resumes

* For “OPEN GYM” days, there will be a WOD posted on the whiteboard but no official class.

By now you’ve probably been to at least 1 class this week as we’ve tackled one of the foundational movements of gymnastics: the L-Sit.

Why are we subjecting you to this torture giving you such a treat this week? Because in addition to being an awesome way to show off your strength at parties, practicing the L-Sit (and many other gymnastics elements) is going to benefit pretty much everything else you do in CrossFit and in life.

Sound like an exaggeration? Well, think about it. Everything we do in CrossFit is based on functional movements–which, by definition, are those most useful for real life applications.

Functional movements involve using many of your muscles, joints, and other tissues all at once (When was the last time you needed to do the equivalent of an isolated bicep curl in a real life application? Probably not ever…or at least not nearly as often as the air squat!).

So if you’re moving your whole body all at once in a complex movement, the foundation that’s going to give you the stability needed to do that movement is core strength. Enter the L-Sit!

I think Rich Froning would have a pretty decent L-Sit.

The journey to a truly legit L-Sit for most people will likely involve some scaling and progressions, as your muscles learn to activate and support you in new ways. On Monday’s blog post, I posted the first video in Carl Paoli’s progression series for mastering the L-Sit.

Here are the next 2 videos–which include some extra drills you can use to develop your L-Sit:


Today’s WOD:

2.5 Minutes Accumulated L-Sits

Make Up Day

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