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Tuesday,12/06/2011: Buy One, Get One Free


Check out Kindred’s BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE New Year’s resolution deal.  Buy a month on-ramp program and get another on-ramp program for free. If you’ve always wanted to try CrossFit, NOW is the time! Now, you and a workout buddy can try it for half the price. Classes will fill up fast, so EMAIL US NOW at or call us at 408-293-2051.

Kendrick Farris Clean & Jerk

Today’s WOD:


30 reps for time

Clean & Jerk at 135 lbs


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Saturday,12/03/2011: Thai pad Saturdays

Aside from the 10:00 AM beginner WODs, Saturdays at Kindred are our “Flex days” meaning the class will choose what they need to work on as a group. The class can choose to do a WOD they missed, work on strength or technique, or they can work on Thai pads/ focus mitts. Thai pads are very fun to work with, gives us an oppurtunity to apply what we learned in the past week into a sport and makes for an awesome cardio workout. Check out the video below to see what “Thai pad work” is. The video is from one of the Muay Thai camps in Thailand called Fairtex that I trained at for 6 weeks back in 2006. Fairtex is a world class Muay Thai gym with many excellent trainers and fighters, my time there was life changing to say the least. Fortunately, the bay area has TWO Fairtex Muay Thai gyms–Fairtex Newark and Fairtex Mountain View. The instructors and students there are an awesome group of welcoming people that will teach you how to kick and punch the authentic Muay Thai way.

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Friday,12/02/2011: Meet Cecille! (And Isabel)

We would like to thank our members for helping us create the Kindred community and for letting us do what we love to do. We will be posting member profiles every week, so keep an eye out, you may be next! 

Cil and_Angelo

Name: Cecille Krepelka
Age: 31

How long have you been CrossFitting?
2 months

How did you hear about CrossFit?
I heard about CrossFit from my bestfriend, Dez. She was telling me that my husband, Angelo would enjoy it because it’s challenging and something completely different from the plain old gym. Angelo ended up researching CrossFit and started CrossFit Fremont in January 2011. Angelo worked out with married couples training at Fremont and wanted me to join them, but I was intimated by CrossFit. In July, I decided to join bootcamp training with a girlfriend but bootcamp wasn’t challenging enough and felt more like a P.E. class than an effective workout. My husband always talked about CrossFit, showed me awesome results and finally decided I wanted to give it a try with Kindred.

How is your CrossFit Kindred experience different from other training regimens/gyms?
Crossfit Kindred is more like a family working out together. I enjoy training with Jeff and Cindy because they give me positive feedback on my workouts and also correct my form when needed. I’ve worked out without being told by the trainer that my form was incorrect, but at CrossFit Kindred… they make sure that you go through the motion properly to avoid injury.

What are your goals with CrossFit?
My goals with CrossFit are to build strength and endurance.

What is your most/least favorite movement, why?
My least favorite movement would be air squats because they’re tough, but they’re also my favorite because the end result leads to a better looking bum.

Which WOD do you “enjoy” most?
The one I hate right now would have to be “The Filthy Fifty”.

What’s your favorite thing about CrossFit? The motivation from my trainer, Jeff and everyone else at CrossFit.  It’s a family at CrossFit Kindred.

Today’s WOD:

30 snatches for time
135/95 lbs

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