Cindy Muya

Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer
USAW Sport Performance Coach
CrossFit Kids Trainer
Crossroads Adaptive Coaches Seminar attendee
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach
Associate Certified Coach
Founder of CrossFit Kindred
CrossFit Trainer
CrossFit Foundations Trainer
CrossFit Kindred Kids Trainer
Life Coach
Nutrition Coach
Get in Touch:

My interest in CrossFit stems from my abiding passion for learning, personal growth, and human potential.

About a decade ago, I found myself pretty unhappy–and was overweight to boot. Something in me knew there was more to life than what I’d settled for, so I made a commitment to find what was missing.

Along the way, I found first yoga, then CrossFit, and was amazed at how these practices transformed not only my body, but also my thoughts, my emotions, and my spirit. The result was a huge self-esteem boost and a sense of knowing that I could take on any challenge and see things through. I started seeking ways to share these benefits with others.

I became a life coach, began participating in, then facilitating, leadership training programs inside and outside of work (which was at Google at that time), and eventually helped my husband create CrossFit Kindred.

Not only has CrossFit taught me life lessons, it’s also enhanced my life on a practical level. I met my future husband in a 6am CrossFit class, and we had a solid representation of CrossFitters at our wedding (though we managed to largely avoid CrossFit-themed wedding decor…Google it to see what I mean). I gave birth to our son Kendrick in December 2014, and safely used CrossFit both pre- and post-baby to keep myself physically and emotionally healthy through it all.

As a coach (and in general), I’m pretty geeky. My engineering background makes me approach fitness, mechanics, and nutrition with attentiveness and a desire to understand how things–and people–work. I love helping people improve their technique and gain confidence in their abilities.

When I’m not training or coaching people, I enjoy writing for fun and profit, reading, meditating, singing, dancing, being outdoors, and taking Kendrick to baby swim lessons.