Jeff Muya

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
USA Weightlifting Club Coach
CrossFit Kids Trainer
Crossroads Adaptive Coaches Seminar attendee
Founder of CrossFit Kindred
CrossFit Trainer
CrossFit Foundations Trainer
CrossFit Kindred Kids Trainer
CrossFit Kindred Barbell Club Head Coach
Administrative Staff Member
Get in Touch:

I created CrossFit Kindred because, for deeply personal reasons, I wanted there to be a place that would welcome, with open arms, anyone seeking to better their health.

When I first started CrossFit in August 2008 (at CrossFit Silicon Valley), I just saw it as a way to supplement my Muay Thai training–to increase my stamina and help me strike harder. But in December that same year, my world was upturned when I lost my cousin Arnold. We were very close; he raised me like a brother and was one of my best friends.

Arnold passed away because he was very obese. His condition was completely preventable–yet I’d felt helpless to save him. Here I was, a Muay Thai fighter–feeling utterly defeated by his disease. I went into a deep depression, but somehow continued with CrossFit. Both the workouts and the community kept me afloat and gave me a place to channel my grief.

I put 2 and 2 together and realized that CrossFit was a way to fight back after what happened to my cousin. He used to be too ashamed to go to the gym in his physical state, feeling judged and unwelcome the minute he set foot in a fitness facility. I like to think that CrossFit Kindred is a place he would have felt welcomed and encouraged–like so many of our members tell us they feel.

I met my wife Cindy in an early morning CrossFit class in 2009, and we both started coaching CrossFit in 2010. We opened CrossFit Kindred in October 2011, and I focus every day on making it a fun haven for our members to look forward to after a long day at work/school/life.

During my free time, I enjoy biking, Muay Thai, Olympic weightlifting, watching movies, and spending time with my wife and son.