Leonie Solia : Co-Owner


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CPR/First Aid
ACE-Youth Strength & Conditioning
USAW Sports Performance Coach
Youth Strength & Conditioning
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Leonie Solia’s fitness journey began at a very young age when she used to do push-ups “for fun” in grade school.  Starting from her early childhood years, Leonie recalls doing push-ups, running long distance, jumping on picnic tables to increase her vertical and playing basketball with the boys. As an active child, she exhibited early signs of athleticism, strength and mental toughness, which would help her develop into a successful student athlete in high school and college.

​As a student at Independence High School she was a multi-sport athlete exceling in cross-country, track & field, volleyball and basketball and was a consistent recipient of many student-athlete awards. She continued her athletic career and pursued her passion for competitive basketball at the college level.  She played basketball at San Jose City College and went on to play Division 1 basketball at San Jose State University.
During her college basketball days, Leonie was introduced to Crossfit as an off-season strength and conditioning method for her team. She recalls being excited about the Crossfit training days more than the basketball team practices. After her college basketball days were completed Leonie decided to pursue Crossfit training in 2011 and she has never turned back.
Leonie has coached classes in Crossfit, strength and conditioning, bootcamps, fitness classes at global gyms and personal training to youth and adults. She also has experience and training as a youth basketball coach for schools and youth recreation leagues and programs.  She is a fun and gifted fitness instructor both in group settings and in individualized training sessions. Her outgoing and optimistic personality inspires her clients and athletes to go higher in their training and fitness.
Leonie is a native of San Jose and is proud of her East Side roots. She is a fraternal twin and the second to the youngest out of 7 in a mixed-heritage, Scottish-Samoan family. In addition to working out, she enjoys raising her two Shitzu-Terrier dogs. Leonie’s secret talent is rapping over current hip-hop songs with funny lyrics.  (Ask her to rap for you when you visit us at the gym! )