WE ARE SPARTANS!!!! And we love burpees!!

First things first: The CrossFit Kindred Winter Holiday Burpee Challenge is ON!! Starting TODAY through January 12…it’s not too late to get your holiday fitness on!

Our initial post describing the challenge lays out all the rules and resources, but here is a summary of the important details again:

1) THE CHALLENGE:  Start by doing 2 burpees on Day 1. Each day, you’ll do 2 more burpees than you did the day before, until the 8 weeks are up (which means you’ll do 110 burpees on the last day, January 12).


– Complete the prescribed number of burpees each day of the challenge
– You do not get credit for burpees accumulated in advance of the day you’re on
– If you miss a day (or multiple days), you may make it (them) up on the next day you do your burpees

3) THE COMMUNITY: Infinitely more fun than doing burpees by yourself for 55 days, is doing it alongside others doing the same thing! Connect with your fellow Kindred Burpee Challengers on our Facebook group, and share your successes, challenges, and inspiration there:

4) THE TOOLS: Print out an optional progress-tracking spreadsheet here.


And, in other news, a HUGE CONGRATS to our people from CrossFit Kindred, on having SLAIN the Spartan Beast. We’ll definitely be writing more very soon about the amazing feats of strength, toughness, teamwork, and heart that we witnessed in each other this weekend–but for now, here are a few pictures from the event, courtesy of Juan of CrossFit Kindred, and Jojo from CrossFit Silicon Valley:

Spartan Beast Sacramento 2012 1

Pre-race: On the way to Sacramento with One World and Silicon Valley combined crew.

Spartan Beast Sacramento 2012 2

The team shirts!! Designed by Benson Yang of CF One World.

Angelo Krepelka takes on our first challenge of the day: Keeping our eyes mud-free.

Derek Doquisa vs. the hills: No contest!

Spartan Beast Sacramento 2012 4

Embrace the mud. Love it. Unless you’re John Ha, who has magical mud-repelling abilities.

Cindy Lau attempting to achieve a mind like water…even over muddy, slippery bollards!

Eric Becerra, Jeff Muya, and Cindy Lau taking on (one of) the climbing walls.

This was actually one of the easiest challenges.


Today’s WOD:

15 minutes to practice or work up to a heavy Hi-Hang Clean (no hip, just knee extension).


12 minute AMRAP of:
-10 KB Clean & Jerk (left) 24/16kg
-15 KBS 24/16kg
-10 KB Clean & Jerk (right) 24/16kg
-15 KB Hi-Pulls 24/16kg

Notes: The KB should touch the floor between every rep of Clean and Jerks, and every Hi-Pull.


  1. Jojo

    had a great time with kindred folks and kaitlyn by the way is hardcore.

    1. Cindy

      Yes she is! Thanks Jojo for inviting us to join the team!

  2. Becky Pichardo

    Wow, you guys are impressive!! I can’t wait until I get there! Great Pic’s!

    1. Cindy

      Mindset was a huge part of it–so you’re already on your way, Becky!

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