What Is CrossFit?

The “Factual” Definition of CrossFit

CrossFit consists of constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity.

Far from random, the constant variance of our CrossFit program is designed to make you fit in a broad, general, and inclusive way. When you do CrossFit, you’ll find that you can hold your own in whatever gets thrown at you in sports and in life. You also won’t see the same workout repeated very often; there’s always new stuff to learn, and it never gets boring.

We focus on movements that are functional–meaning they incorporate your whole body in ways that mimic real life or sport. Instead of isolating single muscle groups with gym machines, you learn to lift, throw, jump, pull, run, and otherwise do what our bodies are designed to do. You’ll improve your strength, endurance, power, speed, stamina, agility, balance, flexibility, coordination, and accuracy.

And yes, it’s intense–at least, that’s the goal. For beginners, we strongly emphasize technique, mechanics, and consistency first. Then, when you’re ready, you’ll push your limits. Why? Because our bodies adapt best when we ask more of them. CrossFit will challenge you to find and train in that zone at the edge of “the cliff”–without going past that edge.

The “Actual” Definition of CrossFit

But beyond being the most effective program for general physical preparedness out there, we define CrossFit as real people getting stronger together.

By “real people”, we mean people from all walks of life: moms, students, grandpas, veterans, firefighters, elite athletes, adaptive athletes, social workers, business executives–even children. Our coaches are trained and dedicated to helping tailor CrossFit to meet the needs of all these folks and more. Our mission is to make you feel welcome and cared for, whatever your starting point.

And you’ll get strong–physically, yes, but also mentally and even emotionally. You’ll encounter moments when you aren’t sure you can do it. And when you find you can (and do), you’ll come out the other side with that much more confidence and strength for the next challenge.

Finally–you won’t have to do it alone. You’ll have the support of coaches and other members who care, cheer you on, share tips and advice with you, and, most importantly, who are right there doing it alongside you. We want CrossFit Kindred to be your sanctuary from the often hectic nature of day-to-day life–a place where you can come receive support and encouragement, and do something great for yourself.