What’s Your Burning Gymnastics Question?


We’ve been stressing the importance of building up a gymnastics foundation more often lately. Improved body awareness, coordination, core stability, balance, flexibility–all these benefits and more translate directly into safer, more efficient and effective functional movement, and are pure gold for a CrossFitter.

What Do You Want From A Gymnastics Seminar?

Since our Paleo seminar last month was so much fun, we’d like to give you more. We’ve got plans in the works to potentially bring in a special guest speaker to  drill down into some foundational gymnastics skills.

So–we want to hear from you:

What’s the one thing you most want to learn about gymnastics right now? What would make YOU personally want to come and attend a gymnastics seminar?

Please post your response to the comments!

Today’s WOD:

2 Rounds
Tabata Hollow Body

– then –

5 rounds for total working time:
– 25 Jumping Squats @ 45#
– 20 KB/DB Push Press @ 24/16kg (2 KBs/2 arms)
*(45 lbs/25 lbs for DB)
– 15 Pullups


  1. James

    For me, I need to get my hand stand push up and muscle up.

    1. Cindy

      These are definitely popular themes; message received! Thanks for your input.

  2. Jeff

    I want to do 15 Body rolls in less than 10 seconds.

    1. Jojo

      muscle ups please

      1. Cindy

        Got it–thanks Jojo!

    2. Cindy

      Hmm…can’t help ya there buddy. Would hollow rocks suffice? 😉

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